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Sports Betting Strategies: Bankroll Management


These days sports betting is a huge phenomenon, especially since the advent of the internet. But how seriously a person takes their sports betting can often be seen through how seriously they manage their bankroll. Some people play high risk where they will bet huge chunks of their bankroll at a time, or chase losses with even higher bets to try and make money back, whereas others strictly stay within pre-defined limits so that the inevitable losses are minimized.

sports betting strategies - bankroll management

sports betting strategies – bankroll management

However, the one pattern you will notice over time is that the people who sports bet for a living or consistently make serious money always have great discipline when it comes to managing their bankroll. The reason for this is because they have to, as the odds are stacked against you winning so managing your money carefully is one of the practices that will get you through.

For example a serious person engaging in sports betting may have a rule not to risk more than 1-5% of their total bankroll per bet, so this would mean betting between $50-$250 maximum per bet. However bank roll management for sports betting is of course an individual thing and only you can decide what is best for you.

Online Casino on Tablets

GCC_350_Multi_Girls with Guns

Lord of the Rings was a success of its time. The online slot game was one of the most talked about in the history of online casinos. The slot game was taken off from casinos after its stay of two years but the fans of the game are eagerly waiting its return.
Online Casino on Tablets

Microgaming, a leading software provider teamed up with Warner Bros.  in 2010 to make a slot game based on the hit movie. The company was sure of the games success and announced it to have animations and effects similar to the ones in the movie.

As soon as the word was out that the game was in the making, online casino players couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. The game went live in September 2010 with the first version called the Fellowship of the Rings. The introductory clip was added in the game with some of the most memorable moments from the film. Cinematic Spins were added as a bonus for players to watch their favorite clips while the reels were spinning.

The second part was introduced one year. Gollum the Hobbit was added to the game who had the ability to appear anywhere in the game to award the players. Bonuses and other features added to the second version made the game even better.  A bonus game came up randomly allowing the players to spin and get a chance to win one out of four available jackpots.

The online slot game of the lord of the rings was removed from all Microgaming casinos. Some claimed that the removal was due to expired license agreement between the two companies. But the real reason was that the movie originally did not belong to Warner Bros. the original owners were Harper Collins and J.R.R Tolkien who had given merchandise rights to the company. A lawsuit was filed against Warner Bros. and the games have since been removed from all online casinos.

UniPin Aims to Solve Payment Problems for Indonesian Gamers


With a staff of about 30 employees, over 100 games on its platform and approximately 3000 monthly active users, UniPin makes paying for online gambling on websites like a lot easier for players in Indonesia. The four-year-old startup has an exclusive partnership with Indomaret, a mini-mart chain, that it established in its first year of operation, giving UniPin a huge draw from their 6000 minimarts across the country where customers can buy UniPin credits.

Interestingly, the cofounders of UniPin uniquely understand the difficulty of buying gaming credits using vouchers in India (which is commonplace) as they are online gamers themselves. Before UniPin came along, cybercafés sold different vouchers from all of the different game publishers and frequently ran out of stock, meaning that getting the correct voucher for the correct game at the correct value was often quite problematic.

By partnering with Indomaret, UniPin has solved the problem by making game credits available at over 6000 mini marts owned by the company all over Indonesia. Instead of physical vouchers, gamers are issued a receipt with unique codes that they simply enter into their account once they get home, effectively removing stocking issues and allowing gamers to buy credits in any amount or value that they wish.

UniPin is even going a step further by working with game publishers to have their payment API plugged into new games on delivery. Once a gamer purchases a new game, they can then purchase credits “in game”, which will solve the problem of having to purchase a unique voucher with every game. Instead, gamers will simply purchase credits through UniPin that will work on all of the games on their platform. This also has the added value of freeing game publishers to do what they do best, which is creating and publishing excellent games.

UniPin is also looking to enable credit purchases through either bank transfers or at an ATM, while of course actively looking for more game publishers to use their new payment platform in their newest games.

Legal Sports Betting

legal-sports-bettingThe legal issues surrounding gambling have always been a controversy on its own. Merely four or five states in the US actually allow gambling, and the jury is still out on betting on sports online. Or is it?

What are the issues one must address before enjoying a nice sports bet? Are there any particular terms one should be aware of?

The first thing people think about in reference to sports betting is the American online sportsbooks. Sportsbooks or ‘books’ are a place where people betting on sports like to gather for this purpose. They often employ an intermediary, or a bookie, to make their wagers.

America doesn’t fall behind other countries when it comes to online betting. Quite the opposite – gambling blooms, despite some issues arising here and there.

But can you actually bet football online? Legally, I mean. Are there any consequences to depositing your money online expecting to get lucky with a game of chance? There has to be a certain trick, a way to know the rules and use them to your advantage.

There are rules and US sports gambling laws surrounding this issue. I’m not going to mention all of them separately. Suffice it to say, they are out there and should be handled with care.

You don’t want to register at a site and start playing without at least some legal research. It could provide invaluable help.

There is something called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. It prevents any US citizen to place a bet on a US betting site. But there is a legal loophole gamblers love to take advantage of – if the site isn’t technically registered as a US site, you are free to gamble away.
No harm no foul, right? You be the judge. Oh, by the way, before I forget, just to be on the safe side, you should avoid underage betting and betting on college sports. The law frowns upon that, heavily.
There is certainly not a small number of betting sites made specifically for the players from the United States. Their numbers definitely do not decrease over the course of time.

There has always been betting. And right by its side was the law, trying to prevent it, or at least regulate it. And if the people do not like what the authority figures have to say about betting and its legality, they simply find a loophole and move on with their life.

Bet on the Best Online Games Site

online-gambling-gamesHow do you pick your online games site? Maybe you look for the best bonuses, or maybe the selection of games is what interests you most. For some people it’s the support service which will turn the tide and for some it will be the deposit and withdrawal options. All this depends on which type of person you are. If you need instant satisfaction you’ll tend to go with the sites who promise you free bonuses and good winning odds. This is fine; however, there are other important aspects that should go into your list of criteria for picking an online gaming site.

The first thing you need to consider is the reputation of the brand. Try readying a bit about it. See if there are any negative reviews or warnings. Go into the terms and condition page of the brand. Don’t be lazy about it. You have no idea how some brands can twist things around just to make you spend more money than you’ve intended or make it harder for you to withdrawal you won cash. This especially happens in brands operating in illegal markets like the US or France. You don’t want to take a risk with these sites. All legally operating brands will be registered in an official gambling authority and will have a link to that listing from their site.

One more important point is the rate of new games publishing in the site. You can know how big and trustworthy a site is by the rate they issue out new games. A shady brand won’t be able to afford launching new games on a monthly basis. I, for example, enjoy playing in this fun real money games site. It’s safe, great atmosphere and issues out new games every month. I know I’m safe in their hands.

Whichever brand you pick, if you’ll follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to enjoy the games and keep safe.

To Bet or not to Bet

These days you can bet online on pretty much anything: horse-racing, football, tennis, boxing, cricket, basketball, and what-not…

…and personally, being a tennis fan, I never miss on an opportunity to bet on Grand Slam and ATP-1000 tournaments. The latest Rolland Garros was a tough one – despite Nadal’s dominance on clay I thought that Djokovic was in with a real chance. In the end, I put my money on Nadal, and I was quite pleased to see my little investment grow nicely – this was the sixth time in a row that I won the bet.

race-bettingI mentioned my good fortune to my friend Steve, who was shocked. He is a religious guy who goes to church every Sunday, and to him betting is definitely off the table. That got me thinking. For one thing, Steve has no qualms about investing in the stock market. Gambling, as defined by Wikipedia, is wagering of money (or something of value) on an event with an uncertain outcome. Would you say that betting on a particular stock to appreciate in value is something that has a certain outcome? You bet it doesn’t :)

Putting your money into stocks is gambling, pure and simple. What’s more, insider traders, day traders, sniping specialists, and the government are all hell-bent on putting their paws on your money. I enjoy watching tennis and can easily tell whether players I follow are in good form or not. To me, placing a bet on a tennis match carries a lot more certainty than playing the stock market.

You can greatly boost your winning chances by being informed, and carefully following the form of your favorites, whether they are players, teams or horses. If the question is to bet or not to bet, my advice is: go for it!

Novelty Betting

A bonus review: In recent years the innovative and creative bookmakers have changed their product tenfold. The gambling business is fast becoming one of the most profitable markets across the globe, and millions of new companies are being spawned on a daily basis.

One of the interesting introductions to the bookmakers’ lists of events, in recent years, is the introduction of the novelty bets. It is normally great advice to find a niche that you are knowledgeable in and exploit your edge, and some of these novelty bets offer great value in this area.

After Pope Benedict XVI handed in his resignation the whole world went betting crazy on who the next Papal would be. The clear favourite for the event was Peter Turkson from Ghana, but the eventual Mitre went to Francis I. Now if you were interested in the views of concerns of the Papal Conclave then you could have been in a great position to blow some white smoke up the bookmakers…well you get our drift.

Other great novelty markets include Reality TV shows. Maybe you know someone, who knows someone who is the brother of one of the contestants? Maybe it’s the next Dancing on Ice and you are former star yourself, or maybe you just manage to nail the X-Factor winner year-in and year-out?

Current novelty bets in the market include who will be the next Pope after Francis I (give the man a chance!), what will Wills and Kate call their Royal baby and who is going to be the next man to take the throne in the White House.

Betting Getting Easier With Advent Of Internet Era


We find ourselves lucky when we compare our lifestyle with our forefathers. The internet has brought a revolution and made life easier for us. All the comforts of life are just a click away, whether it is shopping, booking tickets, banking, bills payment etc. In fact latest news starts flashing on your screen within seconds of their occurrence. So, the internet connection today has become part and partial of our lives. This is also a great medium to earn money through various source, one among them is through online betting.

Internet with various means of recreation has offered the comfort of enjoying within the 4 walls of our house. One can watch TV, play various games and also involve in gambling. Now one does not need to travel all the way to Las Vegas for gambling in casinos. Everything will be at your fingertips; whether it is a traditional poker or other new games of casino, one can easily get online access to them. People from all generation are getting hooked to online betting as it has both fun and excitement factor involved.

Those who are involved in this game can make great output if they keep themselves updated and read the latest online gambling news. A blend of good understanding, knowledge and luck can bring good sum of money to you. One gets a realistic touch with the online betting websites designed these days. Everything is so well arranged that one will not miss the ambience of a casino. 

Online sports betting are gaining popularity among people of all age group. In fact, there are various online games to choose from, one can select the one in which he/she knows in length. Sports news online will keep you updated about every event and incident going on which will keep you active in the game and you will have a hold over it.

There are plenty of advantages associated with online betting these days. Just an internet connection and a debit or a credit card will do the job for you. Internet bingo players also get plenty of benefits in comparison to the land based bingo. One can play the game at his/her convenience as it is available 24×7. No rents, no admission fees etc. when you get hooked to online betting.In nutshell, with online betting, one can get all the fun of a casino at home.

Advantages Of Easy And Immediate Online Sports Betting

Spin Palace Casino
If you have money, everything will be at your service within minutes. People are working hard today so that they can get all the pleasures for their family members. All this is possible only if you get a handsome salary. However, with the increasing prices, inflation and other risks it is always better to discover other means of earning money. The best thing which pops at this moment is online sports betting.

If the luck smiles on you, a single day can make you a millionaire. This is an easy and immediate way of making good sum of money. However, you need to be very careful and need to have good judgment and knowledge about sports on which you are betting. So, the combination of a strong luck and other elements may get you lot of money in a single day.

Online sports betting is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds as people are getting access to large amount of money just by a click. You wage high amount, you get large output. So, with millions of gamblers you can also try out your luck and make some great profits.
No Doubt there is risk involved in such jobs, so it is always better to get hooked to safe and secure online betting sites acquiring a good reputation.

Sports betting websites are the best platform to make bulk of money. No hard work, no labor, all the comforts will be just a click away from you. Some of the advantages of online sports betting are as follows:

Simple, smart and quick
: With Sports betting websites you can place your bet in minutes. All you need is an access to internet.

Easy money making: You can bet whenever you want and also withdraw the revenue at any time. The service here is available 24×7.

Fast and advanced: Online betting is always better than the land based betting. The chances here are displayed earlier and one can make full use of it.

Versatile betting options: There are different types of sports betting available online and one has plenty of options. The options you get here are more flexible and also has upper and lower limit. Here you get copious amount of betting options and can make a choice.

Free bonuses and promotions: Many booking sites also offer you free deposit bonus to start.

Online sports booking are very beneficial for those who are into this field and the best one which can be trusted is Intertops sportsbook. The rating of this sports book keeps upgrading from time to time.

Thus, in nutshell one can fulfill all the dreams with quick money earned from online sports betting.

Betting on Bingo for Next to Nothing

GCC_350_Multi_Bust the Bank

If someone knew of a system to really beat the market – why would they take the time to be telling everyone else about it unless they were truly altruistic or had some kind of epiphany? In short, they wouldn’t – they’d be busy working it to the max. It’s for this reason alone that most gamblers should read about gambling systems with a very healthy degree of scepticism.

At the same time, none of us should ever look a gift horse in the mouth and if by not doing so, we have the simultaneous chance to win a truly life-changing amount of money, then really; what’s to lose?

Let me explain…

The ever-increasing popularity of online Bingo in recent years means the number of people playing today is truly phenomenal and so, therefore, are the stakes involved. What’s more; some of the best Bingo sites include cumulative or progressive jackpots running into the hundreds of thousands of pounds and, sometimes, well over a million pounds. The progressive jackpots are built up by a small amount of all punters’ best feeding into the central kitty until someone lands the big prize in some way. The exact manner of how that happens differs from site to site and from game to game – but the amounts involved can be quite mind-blowing due to the sheer numbers of people playing.

Take one of the UK’s fastest-growing and most creative Bingo sites, for example; Jackpotjoy. This is the site you may know from the TV ads using Babs Windsor if you haven’t already come across it. Because it’s one of the most popular sites out there, Jackpotjoy has some massive progressive jackpots up for grabs at any given time. What’s more, it offers £30’s worth of bets as an introductory welcome bonus for just £10 for all new members – so what’s to lose? You can have a decent crack at landing one of the largest jackpots with £30’s worth of bets for just a tenner down. It isn’t a “system”, but it is a great opportunity.

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